Who Are we?

What we do.

 Advanced Muscle Nutrition Limited was formed in June 2019 and began training online as Manic Muscle Labs. We initially began sourcing high quality SARM products and have seen some great success from this side of the business. In early 2020 we decided we would venture into the sports supplements sector as well, realising that this industry continues to grow year after year as more and more people turn to health and fitness for a variety of different reasons.These reasons range from wanting to get fit and healthy, to helping with mental health. As fitness enthusiasts with over 20 years training experience ourselves, it is our goal to supply our customers with top branded and quality sports supplement products at discounted competitive prices, as well as introducing our own in the near future. Good supplementation alongside a good diet and training plan is paramount. We already have an excellent reputation with our sister company Manic Muscle Labs, and you can check our reviews on Trsutpilot.